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Social management standard

One, employment policies and work environment

Equality, non-discrimination in employment policy

We insist that all employment is based on individual ability to arrange work, firmly opposed to any form of personal arrangements. We provide employees with a free working environment, without any direct or indirect racial, gender, political perspectives on the discrimination, harassment, intimidation.

Forced labor

We in any production process without the use of prisoners, slaves, indentured or forced labor.

Child labor

We in any production process without the use of child labor. We do not employ any legal working age citizen employees.

Working time

According to the relevant provisions of the law to develop the employee's work time. When there is a need for overtime work, we also according to the law to pay employees a reasonable remuneration. Employees are reasonable rest time ( at least one day a week ) and holiday.

Threats and oppression

We respect the interests of employees and the dignity of life. We do not use any personal attack, gender discrimination, mental or verbal threats or insults to teach employees.


According to the relevant provisions of the law, the payment of employee reasonable labor remuneration, including the legal minimum wage standards.

Health and safety

According to the legal provisions to the employees with a safe, clean, and healthy working environment. We have adequate medical facilities, clean room, the reasonable quantity of drinking water equipment, bright, airy workshop, hazardous materials or environmental protection measures. We give the employee dormitory offers the same health and safety standards.

Two, environmental protection

We insist that it is our duty to protect environment. According to the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations of environmental protection work.

In three, the commercial habit

Sensitive transactions

Our policy prohibits employees involved in the sensitivity of transaction, the sensitivity of these trading business behavior or deemed to be illegal, immoral or to the company integrity. The sensitivity of these transactions including bribery, kickbacks, receiving high value such as gifts.

Commercial bribery

We forbid any employees to give him or her a job for the condition and get others to any direct or indirect interest. Similarly, we forbid any employees to the customer of any commercial bribery, kickbacks, and other benefits. Of course, this does not include company system or permitted by law to entertain clients normal expenditure.

Accounting control, program and recording

We correct the preserved account, transaction records, legal requirements for assets disposition. At the same time we also establish an internal accounting control system to ensure the reliability and rationality of accounts and records.

Internal information use and disclosure

Our employees are forbidden to reveal to anyone 's unpublished internal information.

Confidential information

We paid particular attention to the guests of our trust and confidence. To this end, we prohibit employees to external or internal leak any detrimental to the client 's confidential information. These data only when it is necessary to know the employees have the right to know.

Fraud and similar behavior

We forbid employees to customers, suppliers and the company's fraud. We specify some procedures to identify, report, investigation of these fraud.