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Guangzhou sampling bags, leather goods brand Puma 361 - Red Dragonfly banleno li
Time: 2012-8-25    Click rate: 6308

   Recently, Guangzhou has frequently attack on market economy, the industrial product began overall sampling. The first is a sampling of dairy food, then is a condiment, yesterday and entered the leather goods brands such as sampling.

It is reported, Guangzhou City Industrial and commercial bureau issued " in 2012 second quarter second circulation of the milk and dairy food sampling inspection ", raised enterprise milk quality security. And milk powder, butter and other food Nanshan light to produce in the teeth of the storm.

This not, dairy and food sampling observation is not the end, Guangzhou city of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau again on the production field of condiment products were the seventh batch of daily supervision and spot checks, a total of selected 98 enterprises produced 158 batches of products. Qualified through the examination of the 155 batch, batch passing rate to 98.1%.

Discovery in selectiving examination, Guangzhou city music based food company limited production of "Ya Santa" crystal clear fruit paste ( 3kg/ barrel 2012-05-03 ), Guangzhou Conghua Taiping City and taste food factory production of "golden Santa " sand ginger powder ( 400 g / 2012-05-06 ), the total number of colonies projects are unqualified.

Dairy foods and condiments sampling just after release, yesterday, Guangdong Province of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau ( hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau ) of steel, batteries, leather goods and other 13 kinds of product quality undertook special supervise selective examination, in the field of consumer goods, the famous brand battery and the puma, 361 degrees, Baleno, scarecrow, red dragonfly and other products have had to detect unqualified and appeared on the black list of quality supervision.

It is reported, Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau extraction in 11 city 115 enterprises produced 149 batches of leather products, 54 batches of unqualified, unqualified products found a rate of 36.2%, related to the sample, free formaldehyde, suture strength, color fastness to rubbing, identification, oscillation impact properties, mark (including label ). Project.

The results showed that, in the field of consumer goods, many brands have list. Wherein, leather goods category of unqualified products found high rates of up to 36.2%.

In the leather goods category of unqualified products, 361 degrees backpack was detected unqualified tag, is from Guangdong Province Huizhou a sports bag factory limited company in the July 1, 2011 production.

While the Baleno is 38214008/440 batch backpack and puma ( 11Q4 ) 070156/420mm batch in bags which are due to the vibration impact substandard performance appeared in the black list of quality supervision.

At present, due to product failure, Baleno has recalled.