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Integrated technology solutions for automotive electronic stability systems
Time: 2012-7-16    Click rate: 4501

Vehicle electronic stability system or the dynamic yaw stability control system ( Electronic Stability Program, ESP ) is the anti-lock braking system ABS, anti-slip control system ASR, electronic brake force distribution system EBD, traction control system TCS and active body yaw control system AYC ( Active Yaw Control ) such as the basic functions of the combination, is a kind of car a new active safety system. The system is a German Bosch Company ( B0SCH ) and Mercedes Benz ( MERCEDES-BENZ ) company to jointly develop the vehicle chassis electronic control system.

In the process of moving vehicle, due to outside interference, such as pedestrians, vehicles or environmental changes suddenly, the driver to take some emergency measures to evade, make the car into the unstable driving state, that deviates from a predetermined route or flip the trend of dangerous state. Device of vehicle esp in short a few milliseconds of time, identify and judge this kind of car is not stable running trend, through intelligent electronic control program, make automobile driving system and braking system to produce accurate response, appropriate and timely eliminate these unstable running trend, keep the bus routes and prevention of tumbling, avoid the occurrence of the traffic accident.

ESP system of automobile active safety measures is a huge breakthrough, it through the control of the possibility of accident to achieve safe driving, the car in the extreme driving situations to ensure the running stability and safety.

1automobile electronic system

Esp in ABS and ASR various sensors based on, increased automobile steering yaw rate sensor, speed sensor body flip angle, lateral acceleration sensor, braking general pump of liquid pressure sensor and a steering wheel angle sensor. The most important of which is the body turning angular velocity sensor, the sensor for vehicle is the space shuttle and the space vehicle using the angular velocity sensor of similar products. Body turning angular velocity sensor is like a compass, timely monitoring vehicle accurate attitude control motor, each possible turning angular velocity. Other sensors are monitoring the car's speed and the wheel speed difference, monitoring rotating the steering wheel angle and vehicle lateral acceleration, when braking occurs, control force and braking force distribution.