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China's auto electronics market will reach 240 billion in 2011
Time: 2012-7-16    Click rate: 4375

Familiar with automotive electronics knows, automotive electronics mainly consists of four parts: power control, chassis control, body electronics and automotive electronics. Vehicle electronic why nearly2 years up to 45%? The main reason is the car audio upgrade and some new automotive electronics applications -- such as car MP3and GPS rise. Domestic automotive electronics market is mainly composed of car audio and GPS occupied. In recent years, car audio had a wide range of product upgrading, especially as a traditional car CD revolutionary upgrade products: car MP3show spectacular development momentum and rapidly in the domestic car popularization.

Digital audio and video entertainment absolute trend, traditional CD has failed to update the song, a dish of love songs, CD less storage space and other defects, and automotive MP3can solve these problems well, this adaptation has been advocating freedom, fast fashion and entertainment needs of middle class. The huge market potential triggers and crowded, a large number of digital manufacturer marchs the automotive MP3market, the further catalytic whole market development.

According to a survey, the domestic private car owners, car MP3awareness has been as high as 95%, expressed a willingness to try consumption crowd also reached 60%. While consulting the statistic data also shows, domestic cars car MP3pre-installed rate has reached 12.8%. If combined with a portable automotive MP3 products, believe that this figure will be greater.

In addition to car MP3, GPS ( satellite navigation ) and automotive electronics in the most dazzling point of growth of. GPS is currently divided into two blocks, one car preloaded, a portable products. In the automobile preloaded, Japanese car manufacturers continue to maintain their" GPS navigation car" product line, and Chery, Geely and other local enterprises also joined the popular front loading GPS ranks. In a portable GPS, the domestic market in 2006began to blossom, including branch, Netac, e road route such as a large number of well-known domestic enterprises have entered this emerging market, and directly led to the explosive growth of portable GPS.

In fact, China automotive electronics market has experienced years of rapid development. The future is to go tall continuously or stepwise decline? The rapid development of the automobile industry for automotive electronic products to provide wide application market, China automotive electronics market with China auto industry entered a rapid development period. The next few years, new automotive electronics market will become the development focus, such as automotive electronic products, as well as various types of network communications products, even as auto electronic overall market growth in the vanguard of. According to CCID predicts, to 2011, China automotive electronics market scale will reach nearly 240000000000 yuan.