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2011 brand market operation rules and the preferential policies

Company since 2012 01 month since the implementation of the policy of market:

One, the adopted a city agency system, have province agent or regional agents with the exception of the region.

In two, the national distributor of unified sale system, implement Kuandaofahuo principle. Ensure that all areas of fairness, the discount rate transparency.

In three, the supply of goods by ordering system and distribution system combination, make the greatest efforts to provide customers the sales promotion to provide adequate security;

In four, the company provides ERP system support, resulting in terminal sales at the same time easily master the real-time inventory. The company to provide customers with a monthly sales data sharing, with detailed illustration and chart analysis, every data distribution as the premise, decision-making to have the basis.

Five, agents at all levels to support the implementation of the new showcase local network system:

1) the image of a special counter to the engineering design drawings and image design unified by the company;

2) the image of a special counter to production costs by the Division I after the audit, the capital city, municipality directly under the central government belongs to the top, shopping malls counters the image of the company, to showcase the body support audit cost, such as the need for scouting, advance will cost money to our. Support, will be in the shop the normal business to flush the debt payment in return.

3) homemade showcase costs, to the company's nuclear price as the criterion, combined with the local production of special price level to give corresponding support;

In six, the brand joins in a fee and deposit policy:

1) brand leather goods dealers at all levels shall be paid to company management contract action margin, to ensure that the cooperative both sides duty right normal force.

A, the provincial agency 50000

B, agent 30000

C, joining the 10000 store

Margin in cooperation between the two sides is terminated when a full refund! Brand margin is to ensure that the total distribution, agents joined strictly fulfill the relevant brand maintenance, market rules. Such as in operation in the event of any damage brand image or violate market action rule, Party A shall have the right in accordance with the rules or conventions for punishment.

The above relates to the various market policy since 2012 01 Sept. 01 executive.